Yamaha Z

Zuma was first introduced in the year 1989 and became popular and has entered into its third generation during 2012. The number of variations that came was Zuma, ZumaII, Zuma 50F, Zuma X, BWx 50, Bee Wee and model codes CW 50and YW 50. The first generation was the ‘non bug eye’ version that was sold from 1989 – 1990 in the USA and Canada and again in 1997 – 2001.  

The first generation was a cool scooter rider as it had a sporty look and fat tires.  The second version had a two person seat and foot pegs and the production Japan to France. As the scooter gained popularity in Europe to meet the demand it was withdrawn in USA.

The second generation was known as the bug eye Zuma and with production of this the production was shifted from France to Taiwan.

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