Yamaha RX-Z

The Yamaha RX-Z came into the market in the year 1987, introduced by Yamaha Motor Corporation. The motorbike was very popular in Singapore and Malaysia for nearly two decades till 2011 when it was withdrawn.  The vehicle is two stroke bike and originally had a five speed transmission with a solid front brake.  

The water cooled Yamaha RD 125 platform has been shared by Yamaha RX-Z. No sooner than it was introduced in Malaysia, youngsters were after that bike.  A six speed transmission, cross drilled front disc brake rotor and a modern instrument panel and handlebar switches were added to it after a few years.

No changes were made to the design of the bike till 2004, and during that year updating of the vehicle took place by adding rear lights of Yamaha Y125Z and a catalytic converter. Also the problem of engine tending to stall during the take off in the first gear was solved.

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