Yamaha OX99-11

The Yamaha OX99-11 designed as a super car with the highest level of automotive engineering and sophistication is detuned version of Yamaha’s Formula one V12 car. Yamaha was toying with the idea of making a car with Formula 1 engine and set up a subsidiary company known as Ypsilon Technology in UK where the engines would be serviced. The factory was considered big enough and good for the production of engines for OX 99-11.  

The Aston Martin race team was hired to set up the factory and also help to engineer the car. A German company was entrusted with the job of producing a prototype which would look like sports racing car with aluminum fabricated chassis. The design was completed by IAD and the specifications were Yamaha 3.

5 liter V12, transmission FF developments 6 speed transaxle, Wheels of magnesium Alloy with Good year tires. Yamaha was not satisfied with the test result of the car and eventually the project was shelved.

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