Yamaha Morphous

Yamaha stepped into the market with its Morphous to push the ‘long and low’ concept beyond where Honda left the scene. Yamaha’s Morphous is a clear success to that cult of classic scooter. Yamaha gave it scooter a solid trunk with a provision of a digital gauge setup which Honda offered earlier. The scooter lasted in the U.  

S market for three years and just one year (2007) in the Canadian market. For Overseas customers, Yamaha sold this vehicle under the name Maxam and launched this vehicle as a concept scooter in the year 2005 and released worldwide in the year 2006. It remained on sale in some of the Asian markets till 2012. Morphous had futuristic styling to it and came with a high tech engine cranking 20.

HP @ 7500 RPM. It had a fuel injected , GOHC, liquid cooled 4 valve 4 stroke engine and ensured fuel economy.

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