Yamaha Mio

The Yamaha Mio made by Yamaha Motors is a scooter introduced in the markets of South East Asia during 2003 after easing out Nouvo. The same model vehicle is called Yamaha Ego in Malaysia and the customer base of this vehicle grew there to 76,000 during 2003. The Mio Ego is platform for customization in Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand. The vehicle is also used for leisure sports and is designed with striking graphics and colors are built with creativity and expression.  

The vehicle weighs 91/94 kg with 1240mm wheel base and has a seat height of 745mm.  The scooter is equipped with a single cylinder with 4 stroke and has a maximum horse power of 5.7kW (8000r/min) and has provision of a kick starter and electric starter.  The fuel capacity of the tank is 4.

1 liters and it has the telescopic/ Unit swing suspension to ensure a comfortable ride. 

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