Yamaha Maxster

Yamaha Maxter 125 is one of the higher class models 125 ccm3 Yamaha. Maxter’s resembles the other models such as Yamaha R1, R6, T max. The Body parts of Maxter are designed in such a way that looking it at a distance the innocent scooter looks like a sports bike as the dual headlights in a " cat's eye” give it a sporty character.  

The instrument panel includes: LC display progress overall, daily and hourly, and beyond the display: speedometer, fuel gauge, liquid level, the immobilizer control, and battery status. Everything is framed in a nice looking imitation of the Carboniferous. The Maxter weighs around 124 kg without liquids which is considered as low, and with a fuel tank capacity is 7.

5 liters of gasoline, it certainly gives a decent performance.

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