Yamaha Maxam

In the year 2005 during October Yamaha Motor Company released the Maxam model which is a limousine (Two wheeler off course) with proportions that are very extravagant. The name given was Yamaha Maxam 3000. The reason to name it Maxam 3000 was that the bike was about 3000mm length wise. It is almost close to 10 feet.  

The fork brand had its Yamaha Maxam 250 type scooter in the domestic market and is alike the limousine that is specially designed for riding two-up. It was also marketed as a weekend cruiser of leisure type. It is selling like hot cake in Japan and there is enormous amount of aftermarket for this model. Yamaha has also planned to release this model to the other parts of the world as it was specific to Japan only in the initial stages of release.

It sold in Australia first in the motor show called Sydney International. However, one big advantage is that the height of the seat is very low and comforts even the smallest female in Japan. 

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