Yamaha GTS1000

The GTS 1000 was produced in mass by Yamaha with a non telescopic suspension and it can be called as an innovative machine that triggered an unconventional new world chassis design for motorbikes. The motorcycle had a forkless front which separated the elements of steering ad suspension. The suspension of the vehicle was handled by a horizontal alloy beam that led from the front wheel hub to a pivot on the C-shaped aluminum frame and a diagonal shock linked the two.  

As there was no room for a brake disc on the left, the GTS was fitted with a single, central front disc and six-piston caliper with ABS. Power was derived from Yamaha's FZR1000 cooled and angled-forward cylinders, 20 valves worked by twin overhead camshafts, and capacity of 1002cc. Fuel injection, softer cams, and narrower intake ports and reduced compression ratio combined to reduce peak output from I40bhp to 100bhp at 9000 rpm.

. Though the styling was trimmed it is a big and heavy machine.

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