Yamaha DragStar 950

Yamaha produced star motorcycles by carving out a distinct niche segment to create a separate brand for it s cruiser division. It was introduced in the year 2009; it is powered by an air cooled fuel injected 942cc 60 degree V twin. It came with a stretched tank in gold-tone graphics and had a lean-and-mean look with black/silver cast wheels. The star bike is the only air cooled bike compared with other brand with similar features and the absence of radiator gets cool look to the bike.  

The V star 950 Tourer come with a windshield, leather covered hard saddlebag and a passenger backrest. The star is the second best vehicle in the category of fuel efficient motorbikes and gives an average of 46.0 mpg. It is also has the highest fuel tank capacity of 4.

4 gallons which is considered good for a range of 207 miles. The flat looking tank top is decorated with a speedometer and an LCD clock.

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