Yamaha DragStar 1100

One of the America’s best cruisers for the price paid and a perennial best seller is Yamaha Drag star 1100. It stays true to the classic name because of its styling and features of an air cooled V twin shaft drive that is capable of pumping good horsepower and performance. The long and the low design add to the good look of the vehicle. The production of it began in the year 1999 and was sold as Drag star 1100 in Europe and came with two versions XVS1199 and VVS 110A.  

The1100 is a reworked version of Virago. The classic model had a longer and more voluptuous fenders, 130front tire, and beefy fork cover and a. floor board. The Silverado model had amenities like sissy bar, windscreen and soft side bags was considered an upscale model of the bike.

The bike was bullet proof and had a very reliable engine and was sold successfully.

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