Yamaha 1100 XS

When most of the players like Suzuki, Kawasaki and Honda were playing superbike ball, Yamaha was little late to join them.  All of them were breaking the barrier of 1000 cc vehicles. Honda broke the barrier with its Honda GL 1000 (1975), Kawasaki followed it with KZ 1000 (1977), and then Suzuki with GS 1000 (1978).  

However at that time, the biggest model of Yamaha available was Yamaha XS 650 and Yamaha XS 750 for the year 1976. In order to beat the competition, Yamaha introduced its first 1000 cc vehicle XS 1100 for the year 1978. The bike had more cubic centimeters than others and had a four cylinder engine which was first of its kind.

The XS 1100 seemed pretty on the surface the engineers threw some technological features to enhance the power of the bike. The XS 1100 was greatly benefitted by their unique combustion chambers.

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