Volvo Viking

One of the most famous trucks produced by Volvo was ‘Viking’ and the name still became famous as the letter ‘V’ represent the Scandinavian origin of Vikings and Volvo. The Viking was slightly updated model of the L24 diesel Round nose truck with stronger engine and modern chassis. On the technical side, the Viking is a simple and straight forward and popularity of this truck grew around the world precisely for this reason.  

In the early and late models of the Viking the 7 liter direct injection engine fitted was modest and reliable. The L38 truck had an output of 100 bhp in the first year but was slowly increased to 125 bhp. He later models and the family was called Viking but the designation came only when the 7 liter engine arrived in the year 1954.

Though the truck was initially presented as basic truck, the improvements made over a period of time really made it a Viking.

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