Volvo Trucks

All the brands of trucks manufactured by the Volvo group are unique and are able to attract customers in different market segments around the world.  Their trucks increase the truck driver’s productivity and also take care of the safety and security of them by being efficient and trouble free. Volvo is a Global manufacturer of trucks based in Sweden.  

The first Volvo truck was rolled out in the year 1928 and since then they are assembling the trucks in fifteen countries around the world.  The Volvo trucks are exported to and sold by more than 1800 dealers in more than 140 countries. The other sister truck brands of Volvo are Renault, Mark and UD trucks.

Volvo Trucks were the first company to build a CO2 neutral factory and in order to comply with the Union Euro 6 Environment Engine requirements; the company has renewed its whole truck range.

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