Volvo TP21

In order to meet the demand of the Swedish Defense forces, Volvo produced a four wheel drive command car Volvo TP 21 in 1950.  Because of its rotund rear end it was also known as ‘The Sow”. The Volvo TP 21 was primarily used to carry high- base antenna by stand alone or placed in a holder in the front for radio communications.  

  In order to improve the off- road mobility, the model was based on a light truck frame and was fitted with a body base on the PV 830 taxi. The vehicle’s high ground clearance, shortened wheel base and large terrain tires proved very effective in difficult terrains. It became the leading vehicle of its kind in the world and the Swedish Defense forces used the vehicles foe nearly three decades.

The TP 21 used in the Swedish Defense was called Raptgb 915.and was produced during the years 1953 to 1958. 

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