Volvo Titan

Volvo produced ‘Titan’ trucks during 1952 intended for long distance transport and to meet the demands of the construction Industries who require transport of heavy materials. Though the truck was introduced in early 1951, the name of the truck made entry a little late after the problems with the name associated were resolved. In designing the Titan, adaptation and components tried were used and the Titan became one of the famous trucks in the Truck history.  

The Titan L 29 was updated to Titan L 39 after up gradation of driver environment, more efficient VDF engine of 9.6 liter capacity. Different engines were developed by Volvo for use in their L39/L49 models and also new features like air operated brake systems, power steering and Volvo safety were introduced during 1959/1960.

The Titan met with lot of further improvements during the production and by 1963-1964, it became a very powerful heavy duty truck.

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