Volvo PV544

The Sweden’s longtime auto maker’s final version of the first post war design was the Volvo PV 444 introduced in the year 1944. The Volvo PV 544 was the final version that was in the market from 1958 to 1965. In the American market PV 544 was the first Volvo brand that created an impact.  

When compared to the PV 444, the PV 544 had a one piece windshield instead of a divided one, revised interior, a larger rear window and trim changes in the appearance of the car. The vehicle was powered by the company’s own four cylinder engines. The Volvo P 544 maintained its reputation for sturdiness and solid construction by lasting reliably even in harsh climates.

As the Volvo PV 544 was quick in its time it was able to meet with and succeed its competitors. The PV544 was sold successfully along with Amazon 120 series vehicles which have borrowed the technology from it, solely because of the reliability of it.

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