Volvo PV444/544

The first Volvo car to come out in a period of twenty years with a four cylinder engine and with uni-body was Volvo PV 444. Initially it came with a 40 PS 1.4 L inline- four engines that were changed to 44 PS (32kw) in 1950 and to 51 PS (38kw) in 1955.  

An up scaled  version called  B 14A was sold in the US in the early of 1956, limited to Southern California and Texas, had SU carburetors for a total of 70 hp. However the customers in the US had options of European delivery and get a cheaper model with a basic engine B4B. The Volvo PV 544 was the final version that was in the market from 1958 to 1965.

In the American market PV 544 was the first Volvo brand that created an impact. When compared to the PV 444, the PV 544 had a one piece windshield instead of a divided one, revised interior, a larger rear window and trim changes in the appearance of the car. 

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