Volvo PV 60

The PV60 model of Volvo is somewhat a different vehicle produced Volvo between 1946 and 1950, in the sense that it somewhat looked like an American Sedan. PV60 is the first car produced by the company after the World War II. The rear window that is of split-type gives a new look to the model and the rear body that is sculpted flares outward.  

The arrow logo of Volvo is seen in the rear and front of the Chrome bumpers. The lamps that is top-mounted on PV60 model gives a look like a car of mid 1930’s. The interiors of this model surfaces that are covered with cloth seating with an attractive column shifter and a powerful steering wheel.

The font in the speedometer is fantastic, and four door access gives more room. The production of the vehicle was stopped in the year 1950 and the vehicle came with an engine that has six cylinders only after two decades.

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