Volvo P1800

Volvo began producing its cars in the year 1927 and their designing and production of its P 1800 was not even in their imagination. Volvo without any serious ambition producing Sports car produced a few fiberglass- bodied sporty convertibles in the fifties. Volvo was spending time on a new coupe before sending it to the market and as there was no room in their assembly wing the tooling job of body/ chassis structure was contacted to Pressed Steel in the UK and thus the P 1800 came as a style car.  

The styling of the car was mixture of Frua and Ghia ideas and lines were curvy, nose jetted to grille. The Volvo P 1800 was marketed as a two seater but had a small backseat which looked like a shelf for keeping goods. The P 1800 offered comfortable seats, effective hearing/ventilation system, rugged construction and useful trunk.

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