Volvo L3314

The German Army was in need of a good vehicle in substitution for the General Purpose vehicle and in response to their design competition, Volvo presented the Laplander to the Swedish Army in 1959. The new vehicle was a forward control type to decrease the total length and increases the handling quality in terrain and weight distribution between the axles. Such a configuration was extremely good for the vision of the driver.  

The final version of L 3314 featured the B 18 the powerful engine and the gearbox and the rear and front axle transmission units were similar to the cars. The vehicle was provided with large tires that helped mobility in the terrains. The vehicle also helped in combat duties and functioned as an anti tank gun light duty vehicle in the front.

A special version of the vehicle was developed for serving as launch vehicle for anti tank robots. The production of these vehicles ceased in the year 1970.

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