Volvo FL

The Volvo Fl has been designed to meet the fast pace of lives on the streets of cities around the world. This vehicle is capable of ensuring quicker deliveries even in a busy down town and around town and for municipal services. Available in three cabin variants with low and convenient entry into the cab, it is equipped with excellent driving properties such as engine available 260, 290 or 290hp, excellent all round visibility and smooth maneuverability. The Fl6 models produced during 1995 were having D5A250 engine that used turbo charger as well as a super charger.  

This facility allowed for having plentiful low end torque and unusually high power to the weight ratio. The Fl6 has a cabin in 2.3m (7.5ft) wide for use in the city.

In 1997, the Volvo FLC was produced, it was s lighter model for 7.5 tones (16,500lbs) rather than 10t (22 000 lb) of the regular FL.

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