Toyota Sprinter

The new Sprinter model of Toyota was a factory-mad automobile by the Toyota Motors and was initially introduced as a variant of Toyota Curl. It was sold in the Japanese market initially. It was very sportier than the Toyota Curl.  

The Sprinter was sold in the visual percept store of the Yamaha and the Toyota Curl was sold at the eponymic store of Toyota Curl. From the year 1984 and 2002, there were lots of variants released in their unit in California namely the Chevrolet Star (released during 1984 and 1988), Chevrolet Prizm (released during 1997 and 2002) and the Geo Prizm (released during 1988 and 1997). Holden Star was a model that was factory made and belongs to the United Australian Group from the year 1989 till 1996.

There was a runner relative to every Toyota Curl model till the company introduced a model called Curl E140 in the year 2000. Overall, the Toyota Sprinter had its own unique advantages. 

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