Toyota 86

Toyota kept in its mind to bring back the adventurism in driving a Sports car and with efforts and research put in that direction; it has produced the Toyota 86. Toyota 86 is the latest car in the line of sports car produced by Toyota and reminds its heritage by having a four-week drive, front engine sports car 800 of 1965. Right from the development of the model, professional drivers have been involved in the development of key aspects of the car.  

The car was tested for its performance in Japan and Germany. The modern and sharp features remind of the 2000Gt and the car has ultra-low stance. The interior of the car provides clutter- free space and the controls and instruments have all be laid at the required place, so that the driver would have comfortable driving.

Regarding the security aspects, the frame is extremely rigid of high tensile steel comes with VSC, TRC, BA, EBD, and advanced braking and skid breaking system.

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