Honda Transalp

Dual-sport motorcycles are a favourite section for most of the automobile enthusiasts. They are aggressive at the same time compelling in functionality. Honda Transalp comes under this category. The name Honda Transalp was actually used to represent some of their models including XL700V, XL400V and more.  

These models where actually made in Japan until 1987. These bikes were fitted with V-twin engine which is four stroke and liquid cooled. It is stated that these models are not in production now but it is also a fact that a 700 cc model was launched in the year 2002 Honda which makes the series still alive at least in a sensible way. Well, the first prototype of the Honda Transalp was made in 1985 which was a 500cc off-road motorcycle.

The next version upgraded after that was more powerful with a 600cc engine and was also given a better visualization with stunning fairings.

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