Honda SS50

Honda SS50 was actually introduced to the market as predecessor to some other models Honda had launched before. OHC S50 and OHV C110 were some of those models the Honda SS50 became predecessor of. Being a 50 cc moped Honda SS50 had everything the riders look for. It was clear that Honda was targeting youngsters who were looking forward to get into the motor cycle fun.  

The Honda SS50 has every basic structure modules of the future improvements Honda was looking forward to make. It was from this model Honda kick started its innovative frame and engines changes. It was just a start but later things became really high and super cool. Checkout the features of the Honda SS50 to get more idea about the way Honda SS50 grabbed the market.

It was from 1961 Honda started to innovate the way motorcycles are made from their factories and the results are greatly visible in Honda SS50.          

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