Honda Scrambler

Honda Scrambler was not actually an original series or it can be better defined as a particular version specially designed for off-road riding. The changes Honda Scrambler brought on it in order to fit to the road condition was amazing. It was actually the Honda C77 Dream which turned into the Honda Scrambler for fitting itself to the off roads. The most important visual changes it go through was the higher placed silencer in the left side of the bike and the ground clearance.  

The bike had a classic look which impressed the bikers right away. Honda Scrambler is also known as the Honda CL77. CB77 Super Hawk is another name of HondaC77 Dream. It was the intelligent was of manufacturing that helped the company to make the HondaC77 Dream ready for its scrambler adaptation.

Well, it worked well and served the off-road requirements of its used in a very amazing and intelligent way.      

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