Honda S800

This splendid sports car began its production in 1966. You can still feel the richness and a bond car charisma when you ride this car. Though the production ended in 1970, it remains in the heart of car lovers all across the world. People still remember the introduction ceremony of Honda S 800, back in 65, at the Tokyo international motor show. This model was available in two verities - 2 door coups and 2 door roadsters.  

The gear was 4 speed transmission. Its powerful 791 cc engine gives good speed and handling. Soon after the release, this model began to spread its market widely. In 1967, Honda S 800 reached Britain. Its stylish look and powerful engine grabbed the attention of the British quickly.

It is available in many different color verities. Independent suspension in the rear gives it stylish and muscular look while riding through uneven roads or mountain roads.

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