Honda NXR 150 BROS

Honda NXR 150 Bros is a dual sport motorcycle (also called the on-off road motorcycle) manufactured by Honda Motor Company since 2003. It is still being produced today in 2014. This model is a successor of Honda NX200 model.



-          Honda NXR 150 BROS has a similar engine specification as Honda CG 150. It has 150 cc OHC four-stroke engine with mono cylinder. The engine is air-cooled.

-          It can produce 14 horsepower at 8000 rotation per minute.

-          It uses 5-speed manual transmission system with oil bath multidisc clutch. It uses electric starter and flex starter.

-          There are three major versions of Honda NXR 150 BROS, namely the Kick Starter/KS version, Electric Starter/ES version, and Electric Starter Disc/ESD version.

-          It received considerable success in Brazil, making it one of the best selling motorcycles in 2006.

-          There is an improved model released in 2009, adding fuel injection into its engine.

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