Honda Monkey

The Honda Z-Series alludes to the heredity of smaller than expected bicycles fabricated by Honda Motorcycles. In spite of the fact that Honda's official model assignments are ordinarily Z50a, , Z50m, and Z50j, Z50r Zb50, they are all the more regularly alluded to as the Monkey or "Gorilla" in light of the way individuals are said to look when riding one of such bicycles. Offers of the bicycle started in March 1964 with the Z50m model.  

The first model of the Honda Z-arrangement was initially created as a kids' ride at a Japanese entertainment mecca, however was inevitably refined and put into large scale manufacture, hitting the European showcase in 1967. From that point forward Honda has created a wide mixed bag of Honda Z-arrangement small bicycles, with yearly model upgrades still basically. Beginning from 2008, the well-known 50 cc motor will be adjusted and fitted with an infusion pack rather than carburetor.

Today, less expensive imitation renditions of this bicycle are, no doubt made in China.

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