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The Logo profited much from the bigger fourth era Civic as far as motor and transmission headways and engineering, utilizing the Honda D13b inline four-chamber SOHC 16 Valve 1.3l utilizing PGM-FI to give prudent fuel utilization and low outflows. The designing objectives for the motor concentrated on low revs, and one blanket the admission and fumes valves. Execution is 66 PS, in 11.  

3kgf • m, which decreases the force and torque contrasted with the particular, 16-valve, which is 90% of motor torque at 1,300 rpm of ordinarily utilized, 2,500 rpm, demonstrating that the motor was intended to exploit the CVT transmission.

The designing objectives were to have an auto that attained North American ULEV outflow gauges, and imparted a great part of the engineering found in the Honda CR-X HF, with the SOHC 8 valve 1.3l and a 5 rate manual transmission. Minor changes in later evaluations sport TS, 16-valve sort detail in D13b (SOHC 1.

3l PGM-spec FI: 91ps 11.6kgf . m) was additionally later presen

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