Honda CRM

Honda CRM series is a series of motorcycles produced by a Japanese automaker, Honda Motor Company, and it is a sub-series based on the CR series produced by the same company. The CR series are used for road race riding, while the CRM series are the series of motorcycles made for the same purpose. There are a wide range of motorcycles produced for this series, with engines range from 50 cc to 500 cc.



-          The CRM series feature an engine with a single cylinder and two strokes. It also has a simple cradle frame that makes the motorcycle lightweight.

-          One of the earliest models of the CRM series is Honda CRM 125, which was first released in the 90s. Its engine can produce enough power to reach the top speed of 140 kilometers per hour, with 28 horse power at 9500 rotation per minute.

-          Later versions include the CRM F 450 R and CRM F 500 X.

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