Honda Chaly

Honda Chaly is a variant of small motorcycle (moped bike type) produced by Honda in 1972. The company ended the production of Chaly in 2000. It comes with two major variants, the Honda Chaly CF50 and CF70. This mini bike was designed for leisure driving.



-          Honda Chaly features mono cylinder and 3.5 bhp or 72 cc engine, depending on the model or variant.

-          It has several unique features available, such as luggage rack on the rear, various indicators, as well as a helmet lock feature.

-          Honda Chaly CF70 came in 1972, featuring better engine and more features as compared with the earlier CF50 version.

-          It uses kick starter as its primary ignition system and it can store up to 2.8 liters of fuel in one go.

-          Honda Chaly is designed to be a lightweight fun mini bike that provides good performance and economical fuel consumption.

-          While it is no longer available in production, many of Chaly owners are modifying their Chaly bikes with more modern engines to boost its performance.

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