Honda CB400

Honda CB400 comes in two basic models. The first model is Honda CB400F, which was manufactured by Honda in 1975-1977. The second model is Honda CB400SF which was manufactured by Honda since 1992 until now in 2014. Both are standard motorcycle geared toward general-purpose street driving.



-          The 70s Honda CB400F (also called CB 400 Four) has 6-speed transmission gear installed in its engine. It was the successor of CB350F, which boasts 408cc inline-four engine in its body.

-          The mdoern Honda CB400SF (also called CB 400 Super Four) has NC42E with four cylinder engine, and it has undergone various revisions along its production period.

-          Many of the later versions of CB400SF are available worldwide, as opposed with the earlier versions which was only available in Japan.

-          Newer versions of CB400SF includes CB 400 VTEC (Spec I, II, and III), and CB400 Super Four Revolution, which was produced in 2008 and consitutes the newest version of this motorcycle. There are also various special editions of CB400 available.

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