Ford Verona

A joint venture of the Brazilian subsidiaries of Volkswagen and Ford manufactured two brands of small family cars from 1989 to 1992. One of the two was named Ford Verona. Later it re-emerged as a replacement to the ageing Ford Del Ray. The result of a $100 million spent by the company was a product based profusely on second generation Ford Orion.  

Its unique features lay in its rear end with a higher design and body style. It was a two door sedan and primarily it competed only with Chevrolet Monza in the local market. A few features including folding rear seats, which helped in reducing production costs were amiss from this small family car. The alliance with Volkswagen gave Ford permission to have an access to engines more powerful and suitable to their segment.

These would enhance greatly brand’s performance, an issue which often crept up with Ford Del Ray.

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