Ford Transcontinental

To be produced between the years 1975 and 1983 a rigid unit and heavy goods vehicle tractor, the Fords Transcontinental was a product of Ford which flourished primarily in the Netherlands and Britain. The assembling was such to produce a vehicle which would fill a gap perceived in the market with regards to weight restriction relaxations placed on HGVs. The framework designed was hence string and with a heavy duty suspension.  

A vehicle found advanced for its time it offered a higher standard of driver comfort as well as a higher power output. This could be credited only to the 14l Cummins engine the machine incorporated and which had typical outputs of 290 to 350 HP. It had also as a prime feature water and oil metres on its dashboard.

It was heavily constructed and went beyond the 32 ton weight restriction followed in England at the time, which also became a reason for it’s not so successful a tenure.

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