Ford TH!NK

Ford TH!NK was a range of electric cars manufactured by Ford Motor Company through its TH!NK Mobility division. Four models were produced during its short span of life namely TH!NK Neighbor and  TH!NK City, small size electric vehicles and TH!NK Big Fun, the motorized bicycles by electric power and  TH!NK Big Traveler. The company is now independent after Ford had sold its shares and it is named TH!NK Global producing electric vehicles in Norway. The Th!ink city could seat 2 people including the driver and work up to a speed of 56 mph it achieved the 0-30mph in seven seconds and weighed 2075 pounds.  

It was 3m long, 1.6m wide and 1.6 high. The Th!nk neighborhood was made to the regulations of Neighborhood electric Vehicles and was offered in two models.

One was a two seater and the other one was a four-seater and a utility truck version with 2 seating capacity was also offered at the end of the models production.

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