Ford Mondeo Metrostar

The MondeoMetrostar was made by the organization so as to meet the prerequisite of an extensive size family auto. It was initially produced in 1992 and the generation proceeds till date with a few alterations being carried out all the while. It is additionally alluded as the Fusion for the most part in North America. The assembly of the vehicle was kept in mind that the model was to have an urban look so as to differ from the parent model.  

The auto model is a modification of the Mondeo and consequently has a much modernized look. It arrives in an assortment of motor choices in both petrol and diesel with the most influential being the 2.5 liter petrol adaptation. The transmission plans change from five or six speed manual or programmed transmission as needed.

The inside was finished with the Human Interface and an LCD to boot along with a host of other features.

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