Ford Flex

The Flex was introduced in the market in the year of 2009 and was a crossover utility vehicle which was full-size. The car was manufactured in the plant in Canada. The plan of the car was stimulated from the concept car of the Ford Fairlane shown in the North American Motor Show in the year 2005 and sales began consecutively in the next year. The car was modeled by the designer Peter Horbury.  

The car was a successor of the Ford Taurus and was styled as a five door wagon. The engine choices ranged from a liter V6 engine with either an ecoboost or a Duratec version to choose from. A six speed transmission was provided as standard. The car was based on the D3 platform and stood at a total length of 5130 mm.

The car was well received in the market owing to good ride quality and handling.

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