Ford Capri

Ford Capri was 2-door couple manufactured by Ford Motor Company from 1961 to 1964. The vehicle was produced in three different models and the Ford Consul Capri was manufactured by the Ford Motor Company of UK. Ford, Europe manufactured the Ford Capri coupe for the European market and the third model the Ford/Mercury Capri convertible was produced by Ford, Australia. The vehicle was costly to build and its sales did not achieve the desired results. In two and half years only 19, 421 units were sold.  

In its last year of production just 1007 units were sold and 421 of the units were GTs. Capri was discontinued after 1964 and it was a rare mode from Ford UK. Ford Capri under test conditions produced 0-60mph in 22.6 seconds at the speed of 97km/h. it gave a fuel economy of 30.

6 mpg-US and 36.7mpg imperial. The car at that time cost £915.

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