Dune buggy

The Dune Buggy is a vehicle that is self-propelled. It has wide tires and giant wheels that are gigantic. It is so greatly designed to run on sand dunes, desserts or even on beaches. Hence, it is also called as the “Beach Buggy” in the United Kingdom, most English speaking countries, Ireland and few other countries.  

This vehicle has an engine that is usually mounted on the chassis. These are specially made vehicles to run on sand dunes and beaches for escorts or tourist purposes. The modifications can mainly be to improve power and weight ration by increasing power of engine or by vehicle lightening. The model is nick-named as “Bug” and hence the term Buggy came out to be used in existence.

It is sometimes referred to as the “Off road go Kart”. The reason is that it is very small and compact and is capable of carrying at least 3 to 4 persons at a time. 

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