Dodge T-Rex

Dodge T-Rex is a type of concept vehicle produced by Dodge, a subsidiary of Chrysler Corporation (an American automobile manufacturer) in 1997. This model was built based on the Dodge Ram model. The company only produced 7 units of Dodge T-Rex during its production period, and it was never be mass-produced and sold to the public as commercial vehicle.



-          Dodge T-Rex features 8.0 liters 20-valve 90-degree Magnum V-10 engine with Chysler 47RE transmission system (also known as TorqueFlite, a type of automatic transmission system trademarked by Chrysler Corporation).

-          The engine is capable of producing an impressive 497 horsepower and 593 lb-ft torque.

-          It was featured in a video game released by Infogrames titled Test Drive Off-Road 3. The game was released in 1999, and it was available on PC, console, and handled gaming system.

-          The car is capable to achieve 161 kilometers per hour (100 miles per hour) top speed.

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