Citroen Xanae

The stylish model of Citroen Xanae was a concept car developed by Citroen of France and when it was shown at the 1994 Paris Motor Show it became the centre of attraction with its futuristic style. Mounted on a rotating platform the car showed the world its user-friendly style and comfort encased in a pearlescent paint cover. The Xanae was developed by a team of experts from marketing, equipment, interior and exterior design, electric and electronic departments of Citroen under the supervision of Luc Epron in six months.  

The car packed global safety standards in its compact frame and was a realistic car. The concept car was equipped with a 2.0 Litre 16V delivering a 135bhp and an automatic system was mated to it to control power to the wheels.

Remote satellite situated near the steering controlled the transmission electronically. The interior space of the cabin has been aptly designed to accommodate a family in comfort.

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