Citroen Type C

The striking model of Citroen Type C is a lightweight passenger car produced by French automobile giant Citroen from 1922 to 1926. The car was designed by Edmond Moyet and it had the appearance of Torpedo body style. When it lasted a total of 80,759 units were produced and the car was given a FR layout and a Powertrain of 0.8L straight-4 petrol coupled with a 3-speed manual gearbox.  

The wheelbase of the car was 92.5 inches, length 126 inches, width 55.1 inches and it carried a kerb weight of 543kg. Originally known as the Type C, it was upgraded as C2 by 1924 and got a bit longer in 1925 as the C3.

It had a Powertrain displacing 856cc and producing 11bhp power. The engine was single Solex carburetor and magneto ignition and it was given an electric start as regular feature which also advertised that the car is also meant for ladies.

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