Chevrolet/GMC B-Series

The General Motors created a category seven medium duty clad chassis for the varsity bus trade under the name of The Chevrolet GMC B series in the model year 1966. The vehicles were produced solely for the Blue Bird Corporation and the production ceased in the year 2003. During the production of the whole of B series vehicles, they were mostly based on look of their full sized puck up trucks, though they were medium duty standard trucks.  

As a result of this makeover, the B series pickup trucks from nineteen fifties until the middle of 1960s had the resemblance of GM’s pickup trucks. However, in the year 1966, their own versions of B series pickup vehicles unrelated to Chevrolet were released. The B series Chassis looked fashionable and came with choices of petrol and diesel engines, all the manufactures used the chassis until the year 1991 and thereafter solely used by the Blue Bird Corporation.

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