Chevrolet Vitara

The Chevrolet Vitara was also called as the Suzuki Escudo and is a sport utility vehicle that is very compact and was produced by the world famous Suzuku motors in the year 1988. It came to the United States market in the year 1999 and was named Chevrolet Vitara. Since the year 1988 until 1999, it was sold in various markets like Bolivia, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Western Europe, Educaor, South Asia, Iran, South Africa, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.  

It was actually a follow-up vehicle to the model that was very popular called Samurai and SJ413. In order to slot above Samurai, Chevrolet Vitara in the United States was designed. There was also a mid-sized vehicle that was large enough and was named as Suzuki Grand Escudo.

It was a joint venture of General Motors and Suzuki in North America’s version called CAMI. Great car called by different names in various countries. 

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