BMW R1100-series

The model was manufactured from 1993 as a high end motorcycle for the emerging markets and was a sort of sport-Tourer. The bike being on the high end had a large capacity engine and had loads of power under it. The model was launched in the year of 1994 at the United States. The oil cooling approach was to be adopted for the first time on this model by the company.  

The motorcycle has a 1085cc engine with the four valve setup that is both air and oil cooled engine. The suspension is different for front and rear with Telelever at the front and pentalever at the back. Disc brakes are provided in the front and the back along with ABS, which is optional. The production of the model was discontinued in 2001 and was succeeded by R1150RS.

The series had an interesting bunch of models and variants and appealed to a wide range of consumers.

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