BMW 1 Series

Recently released BMW 1 Series is a modern marvel of the German Automaker that has grabbed the attention of the people all across the globe. Based on the Group C Platform, the units of this series have been loaded with Front engine layout along with attractive design and Rear Wheel Drive System. Its models have been made famous for the 2 Door Coupe, 3 Door Hatchback and 5 Door Hatchback model.  

However, there are convertible body styles as well that are designed with sporty specifications. Not only this, but the BMW 1 Series has also got the electric vehicles with zero emission level with Eco friendly technology. In addition, the buyers have the choice for some of the most effective gadgets in the world of BMW series including the Efficient Dynamic Program of BMW.

Also, the models of the BMW 1 Series are popular for the safety features that make them further popular among the people.

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