Audi V8

The Audi V8 sent the automotive world reeling back in awe once it appeared in 1989. The Dual-overhead-cam V8 with the all-wheel drive, and luxurious the animal skin interior works. The worth tag in 1990 was $47,450, that involves concerning eighty five grand in 2013 greenbacks, and Audi mechanics required PhDs to even open the hoods on this stuff.  

A pleasant example is almost not possible to seek out, however by compromising plenty bit on condition, we've found this 1990 Audi V8 in state capital. The interior appearance smart, the outside has an interesting-looking two-tone paint job, and also the glass and trim appear intact. It was replaced by A8.

Standard options for the Audi V8 enclosed a 32-valve, double overhead shaft (DOHC) V8 engine and a four-speed electronically controlled ZF 4HP24A automatic drive providing Audi's Quattro permanent simple machine drive system. A five-speed manual transmission was conjointly obtainable that made it one of the latest car of the market.

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