Alfa Romeo Scighera

The Alfa Romeo Scighera is a perfect example of the futuristic design of the sports car version that too from the conventional style pattern. The model gas got the special design of the 2 Door coupes that will make this concept model. However, it is based on the mid engine layout that too with the all wheel drive option.  

In addition, the Alfa Romeo Scighera is powered by the 2959 cc V6 Engine with Twin Turbo technology that accelerates this futuristic model at the 400 HP of amazing power. Its 6 Speed Sequential Manual Transmission was highly sleek and effective in transmitting power for the most efficient use. The interior of the model is highly versatile, giving the futuristic look at a glance.

The whole model is based on the sleek and elegant curved design with a mono toned body theme. Moreover, the small V shaped front grille is highly amazing in the outlook. 

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