Alfa Romeo RZ

Being a sports car cum concept road car, the Alfa Romeo RZ has been released in two major variants, viz, 2 Door Coupe as well as 2 Door Convertible body styles. The whole model was designed with the sports level outlook that was cast in the city road car model shape. This made the model to be sleek, slim and casual in the outlook with small, sharp, aggressive slim shaped headlight in the small grille.  

However, it was just the concept model. Hence, it was produced in the limited edition that made it highly valuable at its time. The Alfa Romeo RZ runs on the front engine layout, but has a bit more city car factor as it was based on rear wheel drive.

It's one of the most amazing features was the special 3.6L 12 valves V6 engine that was capable of generating for the Alfa Romeo RZ enough power of 154 KW. 

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